Big Mac Egg Rolls : Best Recipe for Egg Rolls

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You’re about to discover a game-changing twist on traditional egg rolls, combining the iconic flavors of a Big Mac with the crispy, golden delights of an Asian-inspired snack. To make these mouthwatering Big Mac egg rolls, you’ll need ground beef, onion, pickles, special sauce, and egg roll wrappers. Cook the beef, prep the veggies, and prepare a cornstarch slurry to make the dough easier to work with. Assemble the filling, brush the edges with cornstarch mix, and fry them to crispy perfection. Get ready to indulge in a flavorful fusion of East meets West – and you’re just a few steps away from mastering this unique recipe.


Key Takeaways

  • Combine ground beef with special sauce, chopped onion, and pickle for a Big Mac-inspired filling.
  • Use a cornstarch slurry to help seal and crisp up the egg rolls during frying.
  • Add texture with chopped cabbage, carrots, and onions for a flavorful and crunchy filling.
  • Fry egg rolls at 350°F for 3-4 minutes on each side, using a thermometer to maintain the ideal temperature.
  • Experiment with honey butter biscuits for a rich, buttery complement to the savory egg rolls.



Let’s dive into making Big Mac Egg Rolls by understanding how important it’s to grate butter for honey butter biscuits. This dish combines the classic Big Mac with crispy egg rolls, creating a delicious fusion.

Here are some key points to remember:

  • Egg roll variations are popular with unique fillings and cooking styles.
  • Adding honey butter biscuits brings a rich, buttery taste to the mix.
  • Fusion cuisine mixes East and West flavors for exciting dishes.



labeled picture of ingredients for skinny big mac sauce

When making Big Mac Egg Rolls, it’s important to choose the right ingredients. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Ground Beef: 1 lb of ground beef with a lean to fat ratio of 80/20 or 70/30.
  • Onion: 1 medium onion, finely chopped.
  • Pickle: 1 cup of finely chopped dill pickles.
  • Special Sauce: 1 cup (check out the Making the Big Mac Sauce section for the recipe).
  • Egg Roll Wrappers: 20-24, usually found in the frozen food section.
  • Vegetable Oil: 2-3 cups for frying the egg rolls.

Making sure you have these ingredients prepared and ready will make the cooking process smoother and more enjoyable.



Now that you’ve gathered all the necessary ingredients, it’s time to move on to the instructions for making your Big Mac Egg Rolls.

You’ll start by cooking the ground beef, then prepare the vegetables, and make the corn starch slurry.

After that, you’ll assemble the egg rolls and finally, fry them to crispy perfection.


Cooking the Ground Beef

To cook the ground beef for your Big Mac egg rolls:

  • Heat a large skillet on the stove.
  • Add the ground beef to the skillet.
  • Use a spoon to break up the beef as it cooks.
  • Sprinkle the ground beef seasoning evenly over the meat.
  • Stir well to mix the seasoning in.
  • Cook until the beef is brown and crumbly.
  • Drain any excess fat from the skillet.
  • Let the beef cool before using it in the egg rolls.


Preparing the Vegetables


To get your veggies ready for your Big Mac egg rolls, start by prepping them after cooking the ground beef. These veggies are super important for adding freshness and crunch to your egg rolls. You’ll need cabbage, carrots, and onions for this recipe. It’s best to pick ones that are fresh and crispy so they stay nice and crunchy when you cook them.

Here’s how to cut them up just right:

  • Slice the cabbage into thin strips using a mandoline or a sharp knife.
  • Peel the carrots and chop them into small cubes.
  • Dice the onions into small pieces.

Chopping them up this way will help them cook evenly and make your egg rolls taste yummy. Make sure to take your time with this step to get a tasty and textured filling for your Big Mac egg rolls.


Making the Corn Starch Slurry

To make the corn starch slurry, mix 2 tablespoons of cornstarch with 2 tablespoons of cold water in a small bowl. Make sure to whisk it well until it’s smooth and without any lumps. The mixture should be thick like pancake batter. This slurry is important for getting a crispy texture on your Big Mac Egg Rolls.

Benefits of using cornstarch in your slurry:

  • Makes the dough easier to work with
  • Helps absorb extra moisture to keep the egg rolls crispy
  • Avoid overmixing to prevent a tough texture


Assembling the Egg Rolls

To start making your Big Mac Egg Rolls, lay an egg roll wrapper on a flat surface in a diamond shape. Put 1-2 tablespoons of filling in the middle, leaving space around the edges. You can also try adding pickles or onions for a different taste.

Brush the edges of the wrapper with the cornstarch mix to seal the roll. Fold the bottom corner over the filling, then fold in the sides and roll it up tightly. Make sure it’s sealed well to keep the filling inside. Repeat for all egg rolls to get them ready for frying.

Now that your egg rolls are assembled, you’re almost ready to enjoy them!

Next step is to fry them until crispy and golden brown.


Frying the Egg Rolls

air fryer egg rolls with pork, cabbage and carrots

To fry the egg rolls, you need to heat vegetable oil in a deep pan until it’s 350°F. Be careful not to put too many egg rolls at once. This can make them greasy. Here’s how to fry them just right:

  • Heat 2-3 inches of vegetable oil in a pan until it’s 350°F.
  • Don’t overcrowd the pan with egg rolls.
  • Fry them for 3-4 minutes on each side until they’re crispy and golden.
  • Use a thermometer to keep the oil temperature between 325°F to 375°F.
  • Gently turn them over halfway through cooking.
  • Remove them with a slotted spoon and let them drain on a paper towel.
  • Serve them hot and enjoy your crispy Big Mac egg rolls!


Making the Big Mac Sauce

To make the special sauce for the Big Mac Egg Rolls, combine 1 cup of mayonnaise, 1/4 cup of sweet pickles, 1/4 cup of yellow mustard, and 1 tablespoon of vinegar. This sauce gives the egg rolls their unique flavor that stands out from other sauces.

When you make the Big Mac sauce, you have two choices: make it yourself or buy it from the store. Making it from scratch lets you adjust the taste to your liking.

Here are some tips to help you:

  • Use good ingredients for the best taste.
  • Change the amount of sweet pickles to suit your taste.
  • Try different mustards like Dijon or whole-grain for a different flavor.
  • Add onions or garlic for extra taste.



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